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1 International Business Chapter Three The Political and Legal Environments Facing Business 2 Chapter Objectives To discuss the different goals and functions of political systems To profile trends in the emergence and diffusion of political systems To identify the idea of political risk and approaches to managing it To understand how different political and legal systems affect the conduct of business To profile trends in the evolution and diffusion of legal systems To examine the major legal issues facing international business companies To profile the idea of intellectual property and the bases of concern and controversy 3 Political System Defined Political system: the complete set of institutions, political organizations, and interest groups, the relationships amongst those institutions, and the political norms and rules that govern their functions The ultimate test of any political system is its ability to hold a society together.
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2 4 Fig. 3.1: Political and Legal Influences on International Business 5 Ways to Assess Political Systems Individualistic -people accept the primacy of individual freedoms in the political, economic, and cultural realms -people believe in minimal government intervention • Collectivist -people reason that the needs of society take precedence over the needs of the individual -people believe that it is the government’s role to define the needs and priorities of the country Collectivist paradigms may be either democratic (Japanese) or authoritarian (Chinese) in nature. 6
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ch3 notes - International Business Chapter Three The...

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