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S TUDENT N AME : S TUDENT N UMBER : _____________ C OURSE SECTION : 01 L EACOCK 132 02 O TTO M AASS 112 April 2008 VERSION 4 Final Examination Faculty of Science Earth and Planetary Sciences EPSC 200 Terrestrial Planets Winter 2008 Examiner: Professor Olivia Jensen Date: April 22, 2008 Associate Examiner: Professor Jeanne Paquette Time: 9h00-12h00 Instructions The examination comprises three Parts and 15 Pages including this cover page. Part I: The 60 multiple choice questions of Part I of the exam must be answered on the computer coding sheets, in pencil. Make sure that your student ID# is correctly entered into the bubbles on the upper left side of your sheet. There are 4 versions of this examination. Make sure that the version number appropriate to Part I of this exam is entered in the column designated “Version” on the computer answer sheet. The Examination Security Monitor Program detects pairs of students with unusually similar answer patterns on multiple-choice exams. Data generated by this program
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