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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Quiz 2007 Terrestrial Planets Name: Section: Student #: 1. 40 K (potassium 40) decays to 40 Ar (argon 40) through nuclear capture of an electron with a half- life of approximately 1.26 billion years. The oldest rocks on Earth show ages of about 4 billion years. If a zircon crystal in these rocks formed 4 billion years ago with 1000 atoms of 40 K, what would we expect the ratio 40 Ar/ 40 K to be within it today if it had not been since melted or otherwise damaged? 1. about 1/1 (ie., equal amounts of 40 Ar and 40 K) 2. about 3/1 (ie., 3X as much 40 Ar as 40 K) 3. about 7/1 (ie., 7X as much 40 Ar as 40 K) 4. almost 0/1 (little or no 40 Ar left) 5. many more than 1000/1 (almost no 40 K left) 2. The oldest minerals on Earth (ie., apart from those that have been brought to Earth by meteorites) are zircons found in sediments in Australia. The oldest of them have been dated by uranium-lead methods to what age? 1. between 3.96 and 4.03 billion years 2. 4.54 billion years 3. about 4.4 billion years 4. 5730 years 5. 13.7 billion years 3. The Epic of Gilgamesh is: 1. the oldest known written story of humankind. 2. the origin of the Judaic bible. 3. the oldest of all creation myths. 4. Homer's first epic poem. 5. the first navigational tool. 4. The Concordance Model of cosmology 1. is known to be an incorrect model describing the evolution of the Universe. 2. is an extension of Alan Guth's Inflationary Big Bang that allows for the existence of Dark Energy. 3. is a astrophysical cosmological description that incorporates the Intelligent Design Hyposthesis. 4. is known to be incorrect because its age for the Universe is only a few thousand years. 5. properly describes only the eventual End of the Universe. 5. Von Helmholtz showed that the gravitational potential energy held as heat from the Sun's original accretion 1. is sufficient to explain the last 4.6 billion years of the Sun's radiance. 2. Could account for the Sun's radiance for a period of a few 10s of million years. 3. Is he only explanation for solar radiation that agrees with contemporary physical theory. 4. Accounts for the salinity of the oceans. 5. Provides the only tenable physical theory to explain the age of the Earth. 6. Bequerel's discovery of radioactivity in 1898, quickly led to the means for physicists 1. to measure the ages of ancient rocks based on their radioisotope content. 2. to understand the creation of the Universe. 3. to send electromagnetic radio-wave transmissions across the Atlantic. 4. to understand the origin of all the elements of chemistry. 5. to know the composition of the earliest cloud of gases produced by the original Big Bang 7. During the period of a radioactive element's characteristic half life, 1. one-half of its initial number of nuclei are expected to decay....
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example-quiz-2 - Midterm Quiz 2007 Terrestrial Planets...

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