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proofline - …unless boundary spanners are unable to...

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Wrtg 3040 Proof Line Mandatory Constructive Conflict Meetings airs frustrations, confronts them and allows people to create relationships Mandatory Constructive Conflict Meetings will integrate boundary spanners We should implement Mandatory Constructive Conflict Meetings …unless Boundary spanners can’t attend because they are traveling constantly Meetings are planned far enough in advance to allow boundary spanners time to plan around the meetings and meetings hare held at the same time every month …unless the meetings add frustration because the boundary spanners already have many other obligations The benefits of integration outweigh the added frustrations from the meetings
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Unformatted text preview: …unless boundary spanners are unable to integrate because no one of high management attends High-level internal management from Infonet will be present and run the meetings along with top-level boundary spanners Airing frustrations, confronting them and allowing people to create relationships will integrate boundary spanners This relationship between airing frustrations, confronting them and integrating members of a group together is established in studies of group dynamics and articles on the success of such meetings Recommendation Main Reason Claim Assumption Backing ebuttal - Refutation...
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