07 - 1856 – vigilance committee – anglo-Am(conservative vs newly arrived Americans(liberal o Elaborate operation o Established government in SF

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HISTORY 240 – Lecture 11/5/07 GOVERNANCE Many political cultures are corrupt, but not it California 1965 (watts riots), 1992 – greatest uprisings in America 1912 – violence in San Diego Paradox – of how violence in California and California considered well run government Tradition of California was the progressive tendencies – open and transparent o Progressivism – ability to recall people from governance o Initiative of voters to put a law into action (prop 13) o Options of bypassing government – Direct Democracy (hybrid democracy) Few function as well as CA States have DNA codes - Californios – were offered to become states by different countries\ 1846-1848 – CA governed by military When gold Rush occurred, people wanted rights and wanted to be governed Outbreak of violence Lych law, popular tribunals Temptations toward racism (1870s) 1851 – SF business men seize control of the government….suppression of violence
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Unformatted text preview: 1856 – vigilance committee – anglo-Am (conservative) vs newly arrived Americans (liberal) o Elaborate operation o Established government in SF • 1876 – 3 rd time – new vigilance committee o generally troubled decade – France fought Germany o RR strike – rare that fed troops are ordered out against RR strikers o Bank collapse -1873 o Depression in NY o Failure of Bank of CA • California expected to boom after RR built – but it didn’t and immigration withered • Chinese blamed for depression – 1871 – 18 chinese men lynched o 1870s – seething below surface of CA • Vast land of CA – in hands of a few very rich people (wealth status created in CA o Deep social envy based on class • 1877 – 4000 conservative business SF vs working men rallying o trying to sack businesses that employ chinese • Constitution is VERY long – CA remains empty • 1879 – Progress and Poverty – Henry george • •...
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