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Phys320 – Spring 2004 (Baski) x y S = earth u x = 0.9c S’ v = 0.99c x y S v = 0.75c S’ L’ = 13m x’ = 12m y’ = 5m Quiz #7: Relativity April 28, 2004 Name: ___SOLUTIONS _____ Complete both of the following problems. Show all of your work for full credit. 2 22 1 Usefulformulas: and 1 1 x x uv uvc vc g - == - - x' u Problem 1: Lorentz Transformation (velocities) You are speeding away from a patrol spaceship, where your speed is 99% the speed of light and the patrol ship is only traveling at 90% the speed of light according to someone on earth. What speed does the patrol spaceship appear to be traveling according your reference frame? Let frame S be the rest frame of the Earth and frame S’ be your spaceship moving at speed v to the right relative to the Earth. The patrol spaceship is then an object moving at speed u in the S frame. Now, find the speed u’ of the patrol spaceship in your S’ frame.
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