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HISTORY 240 – LECTURE 11/12/07 Can’t be governed vs. Progressive Tendencies Progressive movement – underground in 1920s o Still helped in national parks and dams o People started to harden o Revival of the kkk (hard right politics) o 1920s jazz age (women smoking publicly, short skirts) o hard right undercurrent o hostility toward unions o isolationist movement in Am. Depression comes late to CA o Some industries thrive (cinema) o Not as much domino effect Local communists Women lead agricultural strikes (open communists) Legends form (one group of working men against another group of working men
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Unformatted text preview: Extraordinary right-wing left-wind battles Population of CA shoots after WWII Resurgence of old progressive view WWII army still very segregated Women work during WWII, but have to go back when men come back o Resentment and women raise children to become feminist advocates Feared that soldiers would not be able to adjust when they come back 1950s not so amazing o unrest about war vets o pacifists red scare is coming o Hollywood people communists...
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