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Quiz-4 Solns - Quiz #4: Particle/Wave Duality February 28,...

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Quiz #4: Particle/Wave Duality February 28, 2007 Name: SOLUTIONS Complete both of the following problems. Show all of your work for full credit. Problem 1 : A beam of electrons travels at 0.01% speed of light and impinges on two narrow slits separated by 200 nm. Find the angle θ between the center line and 5 th minimum of the resulting interference pattern. () th 2 6 11 1 sin , where distance between slits, 5 for 5 minimum and 2 1240 eV nm 24.3 nm / (0.511 10 eV)(0.0001) ( 1/ 2) 4.5 24.3 nm sin sin 33 200 nm nd d n hh h c pm v mc v c n d λθ λ θ −−
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