CTCS 190 lecture – week IV visual design

CTCS 190 lecture – week IV visual design - CTCS 190...

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Unformatted text preview: CTCS 190 lecture week IV 9/18/07 A. Elements of visual Design: 1. Costume 2. Hairstyle 3. Makeup 4. Dcor a. Set (studio-built, location, and computer-generated) b. Set dressing c. Prop 5. Lighting Lighting write with light a. Three-point lighting system 1. 1 st = key light 2. 2 nd = fill light (softens harsh shadows) 90 degrees from key light 3. 3 rd = back light put behind the subject b. Direction of light 1. Conveys meaning, way light falls on subject within 2. Back light 1. Separates him from the back . Creates a hallow effect and makes people focus on the face. 2. It makes you look prettier than usual. Rembrandt uses back light 3. Light straight at face will blanch out all features (take out features. Scary and ominous. 4. Side lighting will show all the features of the face (sculpt) 5. Light coming down makes it is ethereal c. Quantity of light 1. Amount of light used in frame 2. High key - a lot of key and a lot of fill light 3. Low key a lot of contrasta lot of key and not much fill or a lot of fill and not much key a. Strangers: low key shadowy and unbalanced b. Hud: high key made town seem barren and empty 4. Harsh light a lot of light hits the frame. Sharpe edges that show all imperfections (like hudshows all imperfections.wanted town and people to look dusty and parched) 5. Reflected/ soft light you look prettier, makes people look prettier (dusk and dawn-right before sun goes down or up (25 minutes before sun comes up)) . Candles create mood and soft lighting 6. Under lit or over lit: d. Resolution of film: the amount of detail you can see...
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CTCS 190 lecture – week IV visual design - CTCS 190...

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