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Running head: ARTICLE REVIEW 1 Database Article Review Todd A Lincoln American Public University System Instructor Dr. John Rhome
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ARTICLE REVIEW 2 For an article to be informative and useful, it has to have a few important parts to be effective. One of these points is it easy for the average person to understand. Another point is, does it cover all or a majority of the information on the topic. Lastly, does it allow the reader to make an informed decision about the article's topic and how it can help them? This article reads to be the foundation of building and designing databases. A database is only as good as its table structure and how its relationships are formed. It tries to talk in a style of English that the average non-database designer can understand. Like talking about how to identify relationships, for example, "Products -> Shops; 1 product (type) can be sold in multiple shops. (Introduction to database design, n.d.)"
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