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Phys320 – Spring 2004 (Baski) Quiz #2: Particle/Wave Duality – Part 1 February 11, 2004 Name: SOLUTIONS Complete both of the following problems. Show all of your work for full credit. ( 29 ( 29 Useful Formula: 1 co s (0.00243nm )1 cos Compton l l qq = - =- Problem 1 : Photoelectric effect Find the work function for an unknown metal if an incoming 3.0-eV photon ejects a photoelectron with 1.5 eV kinetic energy. Given this work function, find the stopping potential for an electron ejected using light with a 620 nm wavelength. (photon energy ) (electron kinetic energy ) 3.0 e V 1.5e V 1.5eV 1240 eV nm 1.5 eV = 0.5 eV.
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