Genres and Political Meaning

Genres and Political Meaning - Wednesday, February 27, 2008...

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Genres and Political Meaning Collective unconscious Genre Western "Shane" "Unforgiven" Musical Horror Sitcom Cop/mystery/detective Soap opera "Desperate Housewives" The transcendent genre "Star Trek" "Stargate SG-1" A dying genre? All cultures tell stories-- cultures vary in the kind of stories they tell Collective unconscious -- the desires and fears of the people in that culture which we assumed are shared Stories and the "collective unconscious" I. Setting Types of characters Types of conflict Different Themes-- tolerance, growing up, etc. Resolution to conflict-- in westerns, the story is resolved when the good guy kills the bad guy Genre -- a group of similar stories; they share most of these characteristics: Genres also have conventions of the story telling--i.e.-- people who like musicals have accepted the convention that a bunch of people will burst into songs at any given moment that we accept in musicals True genre movies are not very good artistically because they are very formulaic like a Roadrunner cartoon People play with the genre rules which results in new hits or a new genre On genres II. Civilized people mingle with murderous psychopaths in a setting of either no law or weak law- will the people be able to establish order or will they be overwhelmed by the crazy people Physical Test-- Will I outdraw Bart? Moral Testing Brings in the testing in the context of no law and brings in the Conflicts of the Old West over water, fenced ranches over the open range, cattle v sheep, ranchers v farmers Setting is the American West in a certain time period (from the end of the Civil War to about the turn of the 20th century-- 35 years--1865-1900) Sometime Quest stories are revenge stories The Quest- the protagonist has to complete a task or find something or someone hero rides out of the wilderness, goes to the community, kills the barbarians, but the hero does not join the community- he rides back into the woods; he's ambivalent towards civilization Ex: 'Shane' -1953 Western-- the most common kind of western story- the hero rides out of the wilderness, saves the civilization and rides back into the wilderness The MOST important Western subgenre is one in which a lone individual arrives in a community that is being threatened by the barbarians and this lone individual takes their side and kill the barbarians--he "cleans up the town" There are subgenres of western The Western declined a lot, no real westerns are made today, by the 1970's it started to waver, and they were anti-westerns; in 1990, we get Dances with Wolves which is a western-- saves the Indian community, the barbarians is the Whites which is a reverse of usual Westerns (Western which changes who the good and bad guys
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Genres and Political Meaning - Wednesday, February 27, 2008...

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