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Hollywood Labor Unions Terms: Strike Below the line Above the line Residuals Hyphenates AMPTP WGAW Stephen Bochco Continuous bargaining Reality TV Stealth advertising Many workers in Hollywood are unionized A labor union is a org of workers and the purpose is to advance the interest of the workers and to protect them from management Chief weapon that a worker has a strike - an organized work stoppage; people in the union as a group refuse to work and prevent management from replacing them which stops business by withholding their labor Strikes can be successful and force management to make concession and they can also be unsuccessful if management is successful in replacing the workers Of American unions in general I. When a new distribution system moves in and creates new revenue streams, it creates conflict with the labor union wanting a part of the revenue stream If you want to make a movie, you might have to deal with 22 unions-- Hollywood always has contention labor relations because disagreement of one union can stop the industry Historically, they have been able to keep their numbers way down- extremely hard to get into the unions which controls the number of jobs They control the supply of labor; power of the IA only exists in CA; Texas has anti- union laws and you don’t have to be in the cinematographer's film to work on a set in Texas You can make the same film for 40% when using non-union labor-- this is a big reason for the globalization of production and shoot the film somewhere else outside of CA in order to avoid unions Below-the-line -- accounting term-the crafts unions-- the non-artists union- stagehands; the most important below the line union is the IATSE-- the make up artists, wardrobe attendant, the lighting crews, set designers, camera people, sound people, film editors, etc-- just represent people on the Hollywood stage American Federation of Television and Radio Artist (AFTRA)-- founded in the 1930s
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Hollywood Labor Unions - Monday, February 04, 2008 3:55 PM...

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