Politics In the Screen Actors Guild

Politics In the Screen Actors Guild - Politics In the...

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Unformatted text preview: Politics In the Screen Actors Guild Terms: SAG Progressive unionist Conservative unionist Career balance Rule One "Chappelle's Show" "Membership First" Slate They fined Tiger Woods and Liz Hurley because they made commercials during the strike-- also publically chastise If the stars go out on strike, it really does shut down the industries, unions are concern that stars don’t do anything to weaken the strike ○ A strange labor union I. There were a Progressive unionist in SAG-- believes that management is the enemy; workers should stick together for their own protection; Progressive as a group are more willing to strike than conservatives; progressive see themselves as in a hostile environment-- Business is the enemy; the progressives want to make alliances with other labor unions; they wanted to make politic alliances and endorse candidates to public office ○ There was also a Conservative unionist in SAG-- did not see management as the enemy; had more of the impression that they are all into it to make money so lets work with each other; more reluctant to strike-- less enthusiastic about it;...
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