Television Right or Left Wing

Television Right or Left Wing - Monday, February 25, 2008...

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Television: Right or Left Wing? "Kingdom of Heaven" TV as right-ring Society of consumption TV as left-wing "Columbo" TV's businessmen White-single-urban-male Who-lives-alone "Seventh Heaven" Surrogate family "Law and Order" Impact of screen entertainment on people's psyche and their outlook on the world Is TV liberal or conservative propaganda? Main point- people who are conservative, they see TV as liberal propaganda; people who are liberals, see TV as conservative propaganda Ex: "Kingdom of Heaven" -- a 2005 film about the crusades; it set in the 12th century in Europe and in the area around Jerusalem ; movie is about the conflict between Islam and Christianity over Jerusalem; Muslim and Christian scholars were interviewed-- Muslim scholars said the movie was anti-Muslim propaganda, Christian Scholars thought the movie was anti-Christian propaganda General rule is people see entertainment as attacking their views, whatever they believe Introduction I. The liberal critique of TV that it is conservative propaganda-- the view that TV is right-wing propaganda Liberal- critical of American values and institutions The left winger say that the American society is a capitalist society and depends on consumers to consume products, and so TV is a devise to get people to buy things What matters on TV is the commercials-- programs come and go, but commercials are always there In the 1st part, the commercial strives to create anxiety in the viewer
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Television Right or Left Wing - Monday, February 25, 2008...

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