A Short History of Hollywood

A Short History of Hollywood - Wednesday, January 23, 2008...

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A Short History of Hollywood Terms: "The Great Train Robbery" Mary Pickford Star system Studio system "The Jazz Singer" Paramount Decree Commercial TV System Network Lowest Common Denominator Least Objectionable Program Quality demographics "Family Guy" "Universal Soldier" "The Matrix Reloaded" "Baywatch" It is a western movie--the most important genre in the history of American film It is also very violent-- there are 8 murders in the film It has NO stars-- stars were not invented yet The final scene-- people screamed when the cowboy pointed the gun at the audience in the final scene; we grown up in an era where we know it is not real- they haven't yet assimilated the fiction in their lives This film was a huge success that lead to other fiction films Story told with just pictures- no subtitles The first film to tell a story was created in 1903-- "The Great Train Robbery" - made by Edward S Porter-- it is silent and 14 min long, black and white First theater opened in 1905 By 1908- 16% of the US population attended Nickelodeon By 1910- the industry moved to So Cal By 1911-12 all the movies are made in So Cal People started to go see movies for Mary Pickford-- she was making $40/wk in 1910 By 1915- she made 35,000 a film Producers realize people wanted to see Mary Pickford movies thus the star system was born; they started to market stars in movies Star system - Solves the problems of the nonreplicable it-- you show them a movie with a star which has a familiar, likeable face Actors complained that they were being "type" casted- Mary Pickford played spunky teenage characters into her 40's Problem of type casting remain for actors, just not for stars-- Lion from the Wizard of Oz was type casted as a lion after the movie They used the star system as a form of risk reduction strategy About 1909- audience started to notice a teenage actress so they started asking for her in other movies-- her name was Mary Pickford - she was an actress who became the first superstar in Hollywood history About 1920, all these producers who use the star system began to vertically integrate, so you get the beginning of the studio system - a system where the films that matter are produced by vertically integrate company- they are distributed by the same company and shown in those company's theaters; studios control the industry
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A Short History of Hollywood - Wednesday, January 23, 2008...

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