Politics of Hollywood

Politics of Hollywood - Politics of Hollywood Monday 12:56...

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The Power of Symbols Terms: "High Noon" identification Icon "The Wire" Myth propaganda "Dallas" "Bataan" Introduction I. Hollywood produces symbols, stories, myths that are very hard to measure; Leonard Pitts(opposed) said--we are stuck in an old western; Donald Kagan (supporter of invasion) said-- the US is Gary Cooper in High Noon Point-- when we are arguing about real policy, we bring in these myths and symbols that Hollywood has created to try and carry our argument Ex: High Noon - 1952 Western Film- about a sheriff whose told that 4 killers are coming to kill him on the noon train and he better get out of town, but he decides to face them instead, so the Marshall has to stand up to the killers alone; 50 years later-- the US was engaging in a debate about Iraq and there was a lot of argument for invading and against invading Iraq; the US asked other countries to help them invade Iraq but they turned us down, so when it became clear that the US will invade Iraq alone, both sides, in favor and opposed it, invoked this 50 year old movie supporting their side; We use these stories, symbols, and myths in our real politics 2007- the avg American spent $966.96 on media 6 major Hollywood studios took in 7 billion for Television sales 33 billion for rentals and dvds Ad revenue (2005)- 66 billion Entertainment industry brings in a lot of money to the US and un like many industry, the US dominates the world entertainment industry, we are the most successful producer of entertainment; we dominate world cinema and we're beginning to dominate world TV In 2007, we had 70% of the box office in the EU In 2007, the top grossing film in China was Transformers
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Politics of Hollywood - Politics of Hollywood Monday 12:56...

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