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Test Three Review - THTR 1009/ review for Test Three THE...

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THTR 1009/ review for Test Three THE TEST This coming Tuesday, December 5, you will take your third test in class. The test will be comprised of 50 multiple choice questions, and 10 fill in the blank questions. YOU WILL NEED A #2 PENCIL, AND YOUR STUDENT ID# TO TAKE THE EXAM! (I will provide the Scantron sheets). The test will cover ALL required readings and lectures for the course from Tuesday, November 7 ( Arms and the Man ) through today Thursday, November 30. Some questions will come from material in the textbook that was not covered in class, e.g. "key term" vocabulary, but most will come from lectures and those parts of the textbook to which I referred during lectures. I will likely ask 3-4 questions asking you to identify quotes from the two plays read in class, i.e. Roosters and How I Learned to Drive . I will likely ask 3-4 questions based on videos shown in class, e.g. the Roosters video, the videos I showed for the musical theatre lectures ( Golddiggers of 1933 , Hair , Oklahoma ), the Brecht video, and Anna Deavere Smith’s Twilight: Los Angeles . If you didn't see the tapes in class, you might wish to review them in preparation for the exam; all except the Roosters video are available in Norlin Media library. TO STUDY I advise that you print out the notes on Web CT. Go over the notes carefully, with your textbook beside you. Look at the page numbers/topics in my lectures, and be sure to go over those sections of the textbook carefully (including the section on Brecht contained in Chapter 15). Then, go to the end of the chapter and be sure that you know definitions for all the key terms in the chapter (printed in bold in the body of the chapter). If you get stuck, go to the glossary where the key terms are defined. You are expected to know definitions of ALL the key terms printed in bold in your textbook for the required readings. Because we are covering history, you are also expected to know dates: here I mean the
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Test Three Review - THTR 1009/ review for Test Three THE...

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