midterm 1 - Collectivism: A term used to describe the...

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Collectivism : A term used to describe the consensus that drove politics in the harmonious post war period when a significant majority of Britons and all major political parties agreed that the state should take expanded responsibility for economic governance and provide for the social welfare in the broadest terms. -People expected governments to work to narrow the gap between rich and poor through policies of welfare state. It brought class based actors inside politics and forged broad consensus about the expanded role of government but failed during harsh economic times. Welfare state : Not a form of state, but rather a set of public policies designed to provide for its citizen’s needs through direct or indirect provisions of pensions, health care, unemployment insurance and assistance to the poor. - During collectivism Britain provided much of the welfare state policies to its citizens because of the increased involvement of the government in all aspects of life. Many countries still have welfare state policies such as Canada who provides its citizens with free health care. Permanent secretary : The most senior civil servant of the British government ministry. He is charged with running the day-to-day business in the department and is the non- political service head that reports to the political secretary of state. -The permanent secretary is significant because he is the head of the department, which means he is in charge of spending money granted by parliament appropriately. This position is also significant because the permanent secretary is held accountable for
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midterm 1 - Collectivism: A term used to describe the...

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