lec9 - P ben = 94.6 torr P tol = 29.1 torr Comparison to...

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1 ALL OTHER SECTIONS Meet in Sciences Lecture Hall Exam Room Assignments Section TA Location C01 Leah Scilab 1067 C05 Roger Scilab 1051 C07 Leah Scilab 1075 C08 Stephanie Scilab 1076 C09 Jay Scilab 1068 C11 Roger Scilab 1059 C16 Nicole Scilab 2051 C17 Dan Scilab 2059 Announcements • REVIEW SESSION Thurs. 5:10 – 7 pm 194 Chemistry • Exam keys outside room 69 Chemistry • Exam on Friday covers: – Chapters 7, 12, and 13 Last Time ¤ Concentration ¤ Raoult’s law - P = X solvent x P pure ¤ Freezing point depression - Δ T f = ik f x m ¤ Raoult’s law for liquid/liquid mixtures Liquid/Liquid Mixtures • Components obey Raoult’s law P total = P A + P B = X A,liq P A,pure +X B,liq P B,pure • Ideal mixtures, gas phase – P A V = n A RT X A,gas = n A /(n A + n B ) = P A /( P A + P B ) = P A / P total
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2 Example Given that the total vapor pressure above a mixture of benzene (C 6 H 6 ) and toluene (C 7 H 8 ) liquids weighing 100 g is 63 torr and that X ben = .78 for the vapor, what is the mass of benzene liquid in the mixture? • Pure vapor pressures:
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Unformatted text preview: P ben = 94.6 torr P tol = 29.1 torr Comparison to Henrys Law Raoults Law two components P total = P A + P B = X A,liq P A,pure + X B,liq P B,pure vapor pressure above nearly a pure solvent Henrys Law two components S = k H x P solubility of vapor into a pure solvent 3 Fractional Distillation Separation of liquid mixtures on basis of boiling point Vapor is richer in more volatile component Successive boiling and condensing steps Osmosis Flow of solvent through a semi-permeable membrane into a solution Driven by concentration differences Solute blocks flow of solvent Osmotic pressure pressure to stop solvent flow = RT x molarity Consequences Osmometry determination of MW Desalination reverse osmosis Cell nutrient regulation...
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lec9 - P ben = 94.6 torr P tol = 29.1 torr Comparison to...

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