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OCHEM IR spectroscopy and BP determination LAB

OCHEM IR spectroscopy and BP determination LAB -...

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Unformatted text preview: BENUMEEH ' :EXEERIMENTISUBJECT ._ 5- In this camsco b 0M [3.]? (Mu-mm 1 8 LAB-ARTHER LOOKEWDESK NO. .OOURSE & SEG'I'ION NO. _- mm 57 ”me Good 01C"H'1i6 exper‘umen+ w0~5+o Idenfifi a Subsmnce by U66 of +he thly+1cgl +tchmque33 Boiling poin’r de’termlnomon cmd ImCmJ‘ed 6pcc+m5copy. 801 “n? Eokgi’ E 2e‘ted‘m} QQ-H or} : UnKnown 756 57 8?. 81°C, (5+Q‘/€c}\ amnd 83°C gar) Sena red mm Utes. ‘\ '. # o M:nd~U2:::thexa2: B'P' (a)? C (ElfiVCfiEA Em a/aT'rungm‘fiiana. : 70 Rid-'OCHO“ absorbeci by Sample. (8H5plm " 3.57Hm) 2o“: 3000 2am moo am Accordln +0 pages 888 — (108 0’1: ‘HLQ \OxbOFOd'OFY +€x+ book) fihese +WO pea‘as CoomSpono‘A +0 Ox SyMe-Hricm and ASyMQHr‘mQI S+m+chmg mcfiiorx of 0m Odlphorhc (Cartons (1K bondccl‘tocjtjhef‘ bu’r no Gromcc'rig (“mg Present) C.‘ H bond . Q Second. Peqh +0 4m r‘ucjwr of l500cm" indicofies ‘H’TC bending O“: Q CHz'bflr‘ud. A SMQH peck} QfUUGcfi [300C051 IndiQQ-tes 4mg prefiem ca 0‘? U43 (a mdhfl amp). The Gu+ of {Home Fame new- 600 cm“ :5 a Chwadanflic 0f 0qu W rm . cyaomkcy Knowing WKSWofimnl'Im able +0 CoflclUdA +hq+ +154 uhhncswn hquicl is QM. Im +gkd +ha+ Mu Elena-M 8.9 L6 due +0 Impunfiius H'\ My SampLQ/appcxfofibs 053d in defiarmininj ‘H/UL B~P- I (Lam definqmsh 4H6 ‘FmMCih Odkczne because «Hun. is no indica+ion 0qu QH3 (Mei-ml 3MP) pmSecfi. NOTE: INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WHITII‘JG l ...
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