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OCHEM Cyclohexene lab pg 2 - 7.5 mL 6F Cyclohexofid was...

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Unformatted text preview: 7.5 mL 6F Cyclohexofid was mama and (“mad mHn 2.0m. H3PO‘! ml HOmL {42309, _i_5': Swi‘Furl'c. add causes 9.stth chairing m ibis madam; Hr is a s+mn5er mick "35:7; phospho clamondhelass 0\ 61mm“ me‘flaun‘i' o]; if is C‘addeA +0 incrfloxse Rad‘ton We. Two boiling Sbnef) and +hf‘flfi Sma“ SPhQR'I'C-ql object's CompoScA 01C :1 Poud'crus I I polyrner Modes-ml (+0 W H20) wart (mack-1H5 mix+um is defined» ‘Fur 30 m'mS 0d ideally 328°C +0 isolofie. cyclohtxemand UYTFOH-ufiOd" some. H20. Th1 chfion = f5 dr'iuen Mm). 195 Pmduc‘l' (QY(|0h{)(Qne_> by mmouins i+ m +914 Mixi‘ufi’. (dis’rillafiofl), | The dis+illa+t I": msfem in (x camrlfuge, 4M: (Lon’m'ming Scam NQQISquHon. ' -- 1H5 ens» res +he_ mmamk 0F any acid. ~Hna +0? ‘QW' 5F eyclohexem is remowd and Mikel boiJcln anhydms Sedium Sui¥q+a (Crumber's 60M) +0 Rmom H20. Th: how “‘ Drv“ 554m liquid is +hzh mmeuea and flu. bedud of Purified cyclohemne. i5 (tad); +0 under 0 fiqudim ind“ amok IRSPcdroscopr +<chniquasfio comcirm 411:; Pm uch'on of cydth-Xan. Un sod-umdmn "’rC'S’fS (+65% -Hm;.+ ithCcfifl preach“. O‘F dUUbLQ of” Wkppke bonéfi) mace. per‘Formeck on my Sampk 4:0 confirm i+s .‘olerflier 06 QVC'lthXenc. The. Chemicak aqua-Eons at: as "Follows: K I“ an (ll @- I (Q: Q» Ik Bah-2 “—13—”; *c—c" [colorless u\ [Diana-3,1 I 6|" {HS (ax (KC: 0.1:) CHKM Drops O‘F Emmine, Luz-Um 0.“?le owe. adde&4ba5uspcd Cyclohgxcm Soldier). 1F Cycle ham is pmSen’r, 1M, Bmmim mm be a—Hiad col *0 N high filedfon denSier 59%». doubt». ’Doficl. The, produd df—Ehis Rm .‘s “Ems diBmeMJ {. 0 ,0 " "1:06“ + mm (KG—a (L—c +Mn02 a/ \u 0’ o A A [Pu r921 0H 0 H [8mm] When po’tQSS-UM pvmgcma’te \"W'kr‘sCh,1 is aided +0 cyclohotm, 132-615, chtohamduot is Farmed 046mg UoHArx "Hm Brawn colorcA MnOa- «SMCLU QmMOUn+ Of “'2 d'ufi’ldhoxy eihm 53 dedzc’. bccaosc KMnOz.‘ ES I no+ narmm\\y mtsmbu wHL‘ organ]; Compounds. i NOTE: iNSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING I | OWE-WWW ...
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