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OCHEM IR spectroscopy and BP determination LAB pg3

OCHEM IR spectroscopy and BP determination LAB pg3 - EXP...

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Unformatted text preview: EXP. NUMBER EXPERIMENT/SUB.) ECT DATE 2 0 . NAME LAB PARTNER LOCKER/DESK NO. COURSE & SECTION NO. A’IICIUICA IXijflS “IO bo’sI when II'S Vapor prassorg Is Equal +0 ~Iha APPIKCd press'ure. A boning pom’t Com be dfl+€fmmech by Fccordm ‘I‘hC’I‘flmPKFQ‘I‘Uf‘Q OCI’ which Q qumd‘ begins ”(0 boil. The I301 “03 CAMPS (AJ‘III bounce and IDUEIpr‘. when ‘IIUL Subs‘kmce begms “IO (DORI- Th3 Qh‘ups 00?: Made GUI QWC am (new) pouroug 0003mm cm. Tm quads \IQPQF wiII b'UiIC‘ up In Jame Pours omd be, mteased as buwes. 1—...— _ _._-—-- ‘A QOrrflcx-hon th’t I?) Q Dam (3mm ‘IO Ox‘I’CkIDIQ of dex‘on CGnIomLmj Infir/V‘cd- [on 0‘me “I'M IR- ObeorP‘Ixoris O'F—befidcfi-efiér‘flng+ioflqI gmp‘a: " :3: cm absermxon peak is SIW0~FI§A"JI+7€n+/mbondzol Q+om$ abmrb‘gn Darrow mmae of: ‘Ffflqmfinu‘cs -Ihon handed odoms +ha+ sham (DIPOCICXAPEQK d‘n‘rfim e . ’ ‘TIDE. Mafia-r ‘Ihe. £499.03; in 'I'ILL chm—gt d‘S—IY‘IIDUI'IOH befiwacn ~Imc> (Mom’s, ‘I‘fiQ Sfi‘cngfir‘ *IILQ QHSOrb‘I'IonfiW“ II WONT- . ‘TO open/(Via ‘IINS PCADTI'ICUIQY‘ I-IR. Specjmmz’IU‘i a Scam bofion {s pressc&) Q pIcme (Kg/,2.) IS Chosen, ‘Ifizgmph (695cm) 35 mlgfleéfic I 5CO\I< anti ‘II’Q Cid-IQ {s ‘Ihm pIoTI€dI. II: I IDOd +6 wepeodv ’I‘Iffifi EXEECI man i INGUIa Ohmy‘le dIIIfimI unknoufl Compounds and ksn‘ I 50mg) 99m)“ 010 WM mom ExIengMIy, ujiflg oWI‘CmI ‘I'ypes OI‘ Wmomfiws (Tofu WMSIGA / mrcur y). O Hlydon-MONIII MW m DATE WITNESS/TA DATE 7/, .. ' NOTE: INSERT BACK COVER UNDER COPY SHEET BEFORE WRITING ...
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