roosters - African American Theatre, Latino Theatre, and...

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African American Theatre, Latino Theatre, and Sanchez-Scott’s Roosters Theatre of the People in the US “Subcultures” such as African-American or Latino (= of Latin American descent), as opposed to “dominant” (white, male, Anglo, Protestant) 3 Kinds: Theatre of Identity Promotes a particular people’s awareness of themselves Theatre of Protest Vents hostility toward dominant culture Cross-Cultural Theatre Borrows elements from different cultures Tension in Theatre of The People How much to mainstream? How much to address a limited subculture v. How much to address the dominant (mainstream) culture? Is theatre a place for a group’s autonomous freedom and self-expression, or a vehicle for group’s integration (assimilation) into dominant culture? August Wilson (1945-2005) African-American playwright August Wilson sees two performance traditions: Performing for white culture, e.g. plantation, black minstrel shows, enacting stereotypes Performing for black culture From his 1996 speech “The Ground On Which I Stand” "An important part of black theatre that is often ignored but is seminal to its tradition is its origins on the slave plantations of the South. Summoned to the "big house" to entertain the slave owner and his guests, the slave began a tradition of theatre as entertainment for whites that reached its pinnacle in the heyday of the Harlem Renaissance. This entertainment for whites consisted in whatever the slave imagined or knew that his master wanted to see and hear. This tradition has its present life counterpart in the crossover artists that slant their material for white consumption. The second tradition occurred when the African in the confines of the slave quarters sought to invest his spirit with the strength of his ancestors by conceiving in his art, in his song and dance, a world in which he was the spiritual center and his existence
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roosters - African American Theatre, Latino Theatre, and...

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