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lecture 5 - ken 2 The Charter Oath of April 1868 By this...

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1 HIS 107: Modern Japan Lecture 5 (2/12/08) Building a Modern State: The Meiji Reforms I. Setting the tone for a New Era - The first generation of Meiji oligarchs - In the Imperial Court - Iwakura Tomomi (and Sanj ± Sanetomi) - From Satsuma - Okubo Toshimichi - Saig ± Takamori - From Ch ± sh ² - Kido K ± in II. Establishing the New Government - Dominance over the Domains - The Charter Oath and the Authority of the Emperor III. Creating a Modern Monarch - A New “Eastern Capital” = T ± ky ± IV. Commoners and the Restoration V. Abolition of the Domains VI. Away from the Feudal Order - Conscription - A New Land Tax - Compulsory Education Key terms Meiji Era, 1868–1912 Okubo Toshimichi (1830-78) (Satsuma) Saig ± Takamori (1827-77) (Satsuma) Kido K ± in (1833-77) (Ch ± sh ² ) Iwakura Tomomi (1825-83) Sanj ± Sanetomi (1837-91) The Charter Oath of 1868 Yamagata Aritomo (1838-1922) Domains ( han ) – Prefectures (
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Unformatted text preview: ken ) 2 The Charter Oath of April 1868 By this oath we set up as our aim the establishment of the national weal on a broad basis and the framing of a constitution and laws. I. 1. Deliberative assemblies shall be widely established and all matters decided by public discussion. II. 2. All classes, high and low, shall unite in vigorously carrying out the administration of affairs of state. III. 3. The common people, no less than the civil and military officials, shall each be allowed to pursue his own calling so that there may be no discontent. IV. 4. Evil customs of the past shall be broken off and everything based upon the just laws of Nature. V. 5. Knowledge shall be sought throughout the world so as to strengthen the foundations of imperial rule. (From Sources of Japanese Tradition , Vol.II, pp.136-7)...
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lecture 5 - ken 2 The Charter Oath of April 1868 By this...

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