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2003 - CHE-442 Hour Exam#1 Name S.S 1 The following first...

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CHE-442 Hour Exam #1 Name: S.S.: 1. The following first order (k=0.025 min -1 ) isothermal gas phase reaction takes place in a batch reactor: A (g) B (g, l) + C (g) Initially, there is only reactant A in the reactor, and the reactor pressure is 1 atm. As the reaction proceeds the gas phase concentration of product B will increase until condensation begins. The vapor pressure of B is 25 KPa at the reactor temperature of 450 K. Calculate the conversion of X A , when product B reaches the condensation point, and derive the expression of the reaction rate law and the concentration of B in terms of conversion X A before and after condensation happens (Assumption: the volume of liquid B is negligible when compared with the batch reactor volume). 1
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Name: 2. A liquid phase reaction A B -r A = kC A takes place in a system of two reactors in series. The first reactor is a CSTR and the second reactor is a PFR. The intermediate conversion is 40% and the final conversion is 80%. Calculate the required volumes for the CSTR and PFR?
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