Quiz 2 - lie-“ll LIL ifl IDS 29o Hm lung-H.l i Quiz#2...

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Unformatted text preview: lie-“ll LIL!- ifl ,-- _ ,. IDS 29o Hm lung-H '- '.l'_,._. i - Quiz #2 Seenontt "Ti . t”?- Trne or False l. Apologetic words. such as “rcgrtf and “Stun” ought to be avoided in business ..-- 2. Shoo, simple sentences emphasise conan 3. The routine inquiry message often hegjro with a question." -—r 4. Credit refusals are more negative than most refusals. 5. 0114: technique that helps huild goodwill is to write in a conversational style. " Multiple Choice 15. 1ll't’l'tieh of the following is not a technique for developing courtesy in s messuge: Pu avoiding die tone or u leeluue or n sermon. @ doing more than is expected. c] being sincere avoiding anger @stresstng the youwiewpolnt 3’. Claim messages . T may appear to he bad news situations it must be skillfully written in the indirect order e} reqnneiessthanthe usual amount ofgoodwill d} a and honly c} all of the above 3. General favorable resptmse messages it} should begin with the answer h} sometimes mean doing more than is expected involve the use of tact. especially when more is a shipping delay Ldya and it only e) ttll of the above 51; arranging information in a logical order F!) repeating Itey words from one sentence to the next el using transition semeoees to tie together succeeding thoughts d} a and in only all of the above El, Message coherenee can he achieved by it}. Which of the following senteiioo; conforms best to you-viewpoint stmtegy‘! Gil You'll be happy to know that we now have a complete sen‘ioe department to better serve you. a longtime business person, you should never lutve nested your customer that way. cl We plan to refund your expensive engagement hrneelet [or you in a couple of weeks- d} Your request to use our facility must he denied you at this time. c} We appreciate your selection of South Seas candles: we shipped your order today! Page 1 of 3 T133 290 Name Quiz #2 Section # - i". l l. Refused request messages . a} appropriately end with a strategic buffer l Fair and reasonable explanation; fbl require disregarding any bad news altogether cl“. should end on a positive note tsueh as oil—subject goodwill-building language} \d)/ a and b only at all of the above I3. When general explanation material that t" i Ls the entire message is needed in a routine inquiry I —-.\ message, usually it is best placed: a} lat the very beginning {first clausei. following the direct opening sentence. c} right before the goodwill close. d} in the last sentence. e} in the middle paragraph. Short answer: As owner—manager of your own fumitore store. you ordered online 36 Sandman mattresses from the Sleep King Mattress Company. These items were to be otllened at bargain prices in your lfim anniversary sale beginning Monday. This morning the Sleep King troclr. arrived with as mattresses—but not Sandman mattresses. Instead, you got their economy product the Sleepwel]. The error wasfl discovered until the delivery truck had departed. Unfortunately, the flyei's advertising your anniversary already have been printed. Some with your special offer on Sandman mattresses prominently noted in them—have even been distributed. So what most you do?I You strongly want the right product in time for the sale opening. The Sleep King company is about 15f] miles away and usually delivers to your area on Fridays. but they could make a special delivery in this case. Since they made the error, you think they must. Write a claim message to them. Malta your claim both firm and courteous. {You may omit business letter formalities and 1begin with the salutation}. Page 2 of3 Hm :r"=£;'7-F :11 5’52, 2 3 sum 354’ Mi, ELF . .‘KTfl-‘ffi: 36’ *T‘ .. . I'l. - _4_ ukmrk’; L‘H‘C fit} JIL‘K'H'I‘k Fm: (LN Yguf {grmw‘a+ 'l i- ,1. 991149"! DE 3'5: LEW}??? who Bur 23:21? . ¥¥weurr “if a” MarHrrgc-‘rg M D'ifiaifleti We“? be “(‘13 _ {1:10:21 L” MfJ-JF'WLWZ‘J’GJ. ifih'? WW Gd “ififl'rfij'J-‘f; 9U: gi'um/ .7 m u q“ ‘-—._,___I _ ‘ ' . 11 wk Ear-nut:er "3mm 411 '1 farornfl"-‘v"j M"""!"‘V+ Mk3 flute? #:1an */ P‘Wfi FF) 7* Lhi'ifi'rzbtJJFJ {Th-(FF; ' - - T-' H flu}: 'JJE injukcg {At—0W 9!? (.39 adv-“145"”! J J W e Em: 4. '19:”p-ryai.‘Lu fin-WWW?” Oz” zinc? 1*; ho? m3 McEJT'ITIPT-rg 3H :3 bofa'm PINE- “ ' -~ airy; .1 m. - 510m mm Hr Profit” ma - ~r » I Nfl/ u.—_.—- 'IJI-od’ M {em KIM 526’? 3:: cm at} E— __ {—IF"‘ I v13"??— '- iii. - '“flttwa‘rc ahipwm} LUEL mimic, _ lfkt #0 re Arum we 'Lyu‘tr-Jlggfi En. WD‘HI {Mfit’cfi P'FWEF licfih-Jfim y] F Wfifw: 61"? 05: Hr} upon preuioms‘w. we womb! MA “5368 Jwfijmflflq flwffzrrffé-‘z 5/ Gsz fi«-’wd1,._y_m wmlak arm-Hy amen:ch Vt:ti gpluwéf 6‘ Wt’KCc-Iomrok ~11» {DW‘ILH'Mi-wj our ‘t‘gwfl falni-imghup .m 43fo (LA-um. 81:19:“: It; , alt-3' z I'r-'_$ fig'ffr’d' L}. awn-w; - — — QWI'rEF- E‘r‘fayl‘cigf'f ...
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Quiz 2 - lie-“ll LIL ifl IDS 29o Hm lung-H.l i Quiz#2...

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