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democracy - process that laws have to go through is long...

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PSCI 2012 Problems with Democracy Democracy has been said to be the end all be all of government organization yet there are many issues that arise when questioning the legitimacy and effectiveness of Democracy. Problems arise in the forming of the democracy every time there is a vote. If a candidate wins with 51% of the vote they will set policy that will be in opposition of the other 49%; the candidate won a small majority but now sets the rules for the whole population, which is not representative. An additional problem with democracy arises when these elected officials try to enact change. Democracy is very hard to change; the
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Unformatted text preview: process that laws have to go through is long and rigorous and most fails. A third problem with democracy is that the public wants to know everything about the government and they think they can control aspects that the government is in clear control of. They like to believe that the governments operate within our budget when really we operate a huge deficit. The public believes that they can change the economy but it is really affected but the government. These two issues bring up the real problem of democracy, which is a false sense of information and fairness....
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