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premayure_ruptur_of_membrane____d.r_alaa___elgohary -...

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Unformatted text preview: Premature Rupture of (Membranes (PROM By Dr. Alaa EL-Gohary M D Obs. & Gyn. DEFINITION: CAUSES: Predisposing Direct Most common Infection Trauma Cx. Incompetence A P Hage Malpresentation DIAGNOSIS Clinical: Investigation: Hist. Exam. Lab. Sonar. Complications: Infection (s) Prematurity Cord problems Signs of chorioamnionitis: Maternal Fetal Management: Expectant Active When & Why ? (Indications) Preterm labour (Premature labour) Definition Causes: Maternal Fetal Predisposing Direct Most common : Idiopathic(50%) Iatrogenic PROM Infections(Cause&Seq.) (Maternal&Fetal) Maternal diseases Proplems of prematurity: Resp. Temp. Liver Handling Immunity(infection) Development Features of prematurity Management Prevention (Best) Active: Threatened(early) Established (late) Postmaturity Definitions: Prolonged pregnancy (passed expected date) Post datism (post term) Postmaturity(syndrome pediatric) Causes: Wrong calculation Anencephaly Other causes .Cont Complications: 1.During pregnancy 2.During labour Diagnosis Management: Expectant THANK YOU & All Good Wishes ...
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