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FNCE 232 Real Estate Investments Lecture 3 Basic Cash Flow Concepts Professor C. F. Sirmans Office: Room 443 School of Business Office Hours: 2:30 - 3:30 Tu & Th
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Administrative Issues Real Estate Society—Konover Fieldtrip Real Estate Scholarships Resumes for Internships and Jobs Teaching Assistants
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Teaching Assistants Katherine Tunsky katherine.tunsky@huskymail.uconn.edu Office Room #: Room 401 (Business) Nicholas Seccareccia nicholas.seccareccia@huskymail.uconn.edu Office Room #: Room 401 (Business)
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Review From Lecture 2 What is the basic real estate investment decision? How to measure a “good” investment? Who are the main participants in any real estate investment? How to they interact with each other?
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Basic Investment Model Buy – What are Cash (Out)flows at acquisition? Operate – What are the expected cash flows from operation? Sale – What are the expected cash flows from the future sale of the investment? How to make the investment decision?
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Some other important decisions: What is the expected holding period? How to calculate the expected rate of return? What is the required rate of return? What is the “Value” of the investment? Whose perspective?
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