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STUDY GUIDE FOR EASC 150G FINAL [SPRING 2006] {Stanley Rosen} FINAL EXAM: THURSDAY, May 4, 2-4pm, THH 201 [NOTE: THIS IS BEING PREPARED MORE THAN ONE WEEK BEFORE THE END OF THE TERM, BUT THE SCHEDULE IS NOW PRETTY CLEAR.] A. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE FINAL 1 1. Readings a. Michael Breen, The Koreans ( Revised and Updated Edition ) (all) b. James L. Watson, ed., Golden Arches East: McDonald’s in East Asia , Introduction and any three of the five country/territory chapters c. Suzanne Ogden, ed., China, ( Eleventh edition), p. 46-90, 197-212, 219-232 (the sections on Taiwan and Hong Kong) d. Yoshio Sugimoto, An Introduction to Japanese Society (2nd, edition) (pgs. 1- 83, 115-179, 183-242, and 244-269) e. Nosaka Akiyuki, “American Hijiki,” in Howard Hibbett, ed., Contemporary Japanese Literature: An Anthology of Fiction, Film, and Other Writing Since 1945 , pp. 435-468 [ NOTE: “American Hijiki” may still be available for downloading from the following website: http://www.udel.edu/History/figal/hist371/text/orweek5.html ]; it should also be available on reserve. 2. Class Handouts a. Four pages on Taiwan, as follows: 1. Survey on Taiwanese/Chinese identity 2. Survey on attitudes toward unification/independence 3. Survey on party identification 4. Survey on Mainland attitudes toward the Taiwan question b. “The American Occupation of Japan” (Outline for Rosen lecture) c. Tampopo ”: Notes on the Film d. Handout on President Hu Jintao’s visit to the U.S.: (1) New York Times editorial: “How Dare They Use Our Oil!” (April 20, 2006, p. A26; (2) Nancy Pelosi, “Hu’s Visit Nothing to Celebrate,” Los Angeles Times , April 20, 2006, p. B13. 3. Feature Films a. " Election " (Hong Kong, 2005) b. Tampopo ” (Japan, 1986) c. My Sassy Girl ” (Korea, 2001) 4. Videos a. The Japanese Version (U.S., 1991) b. American Game, Japanese Rules (Frontline, PBS, 1992, 60 minutes) c. ”Tug Of War: The Story of Taiwan” (PBS, 1999) d. “The Pacific Century, Part 5” ( Reinventing Japan ) (PBS, 1992) e. “The Pacific Century, Part 6” ( Inside Japan, Inc .) (PBS, 1992) f. “The Pacific Century, Part 8” ( The Fight for Democracy ) (PBS, 1992) g. A State of Mind ” (BBC 2004 documentary on the “Mass Games” in Korea, 93 minutes, Daniel Gordon, Director) h. Lost in Translation” (60 Minutes Documentary on the translation of The Diary of Anne Frank to North Korean schoolchildren (13 minutes) 1
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5. Lectures and Guest Lectures a. “McDonald’s in East Asia,” by Rosen, as background to the Watson book b. “The American Occupation of Japan,” by Rosen, before showing of the documentary on that subject c. Some discussion on political campaigns in Taiwan, with a showing of some of the campaign posters from 1991-2004, by Rosen d. Guest lecture by Professor Hahm Chaibong e. Guest lecture by Dr. Koo Min Gyo f. Guest lecture by Daniel Gordon, director of “ A State of Mind
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