exercise 3 - Mktg. 3250003 Feb. 24th 2008 Exercise #3...

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Mktg. 3250- 003 Feb. 24 th 2008 Exercise #3 Attitude Formation Almost all the time when faced with the choice of an unfamiliar brand versus a familiar brand consumers will choose the familiar one. This is a problem for marketers representing a small firm or newly developed product. When the marketer feels their product is superior to the competitions they will most likely choose a Comparative Message to convey to their audience. This comparative message will be in the form of direct comparative advertising because they believe in the superiority of their product. Comparative messages are one ad that shows how much better the product is than their competition. Looking further into detail, Direct Comparative Messages are the ads that directly name a group of competitors on the basis of some defining characteristic. One set of ads that demonstrates this concept is the series of ads with the Mac and PC personified as they way they are perceived in the business world. Apple runs these ads and targets their set of PC competitors directly. They range from issues on
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exercise 3 - Mktg. 3250003 Feb. 24th 2008 Exercise #3...

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