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WSJ summary 6 - through 10/19 According to Bloomberg the...

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        Due Date:  10/22/07     Name:   FNCE 4030 FNCE 4030 Weekly Wall Street Journal Assignment Submission Form Article Title: China's Stock Surge Raises Fundamental Questions Publication Date: 10/16/2007 page A1 1. How does the ratio of the value of the stick market in China relative to its  GDP compare the same ratio for the US? Historically China’s stock market was not as powerful as its economy. Now the  stock market has caught up and is the world’s third largest. There is a 3.7$ trillion  worth for the stocks and it is equal to if not more than the GDP. The US historically  has had the same ration that China does now. China’s markets have the highest  volume of shares traded.  2. What has the Chinese market done since the publication date (close of 10/16 
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Unformatted text preview: through 10/19? According to Bloomberg, the close on 10/16 was at 6030.09 and the close on 10/19 was at 6106.694. This stock index has risen greatly in 3 days. 3. What good came out of the 1929 stock crash in the US? The crash of 1929 prompted for the creation of basic investor safeguards that strengthened the market and limited fallout from later tumbles. 4. When did China completely overhaul its stock markets? China overhauled its markets in 2005. It halted new listings for a year and built up trading systems and offered support to financial institutions as they restructured. The government allows stocks to be publicly traded. The markets were re-launched in 2006 and offered blue chip stocks...
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