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Ch 12 quiz - 5 What is the hydrophobic effect Does salt dissolve in oil Why or why not 6 Show the interaction of a detergent with a membrane

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Practice Quiz 5 1. Draw a generic protein that forms 7 transmembrane alpha helices connected by hydrophilic short loop structures. Label the N and C termini. 2. What is the name of a membrane protein that has the above structure? 3. Describe the structure of a bacterial porin. 4. Describe the selectivity filter of a K+ channel.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is the hydrophobic effect? Does salt dissolve in oil? Why or why not? 6. Show the interaction of a detergent with a membrane protein. 7. Would protons be able to pass through bacterial porins? Could they pass through a K+ channel? What about Na+? Explain your reasoning. 8. What is a hydropathy plot?...
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