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QUIZ 02-07 Answers key Q1. The cell theory states that A. All cells come from meteorites B. All cells are spontaneously generated C. All cells come from preexisting cells Answer: C. Q2. The surface area-to-volume ratio is greater in A. Small cells B. Large cells Answer: A. Q3. Generally speaking, cells are small and have a size such that A. The surface area-to-volume ratio is small B. The surface area-to-volume ratio is great C. The surface area-to-volume ratio is irrelevant Answer: B. Q4. Some specialized cells may change their shape in order to increase the surface area-
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Unformatted text preview: to-volume ratio: True False Answer: True Q5. The surface area of a cell represents A. The area that exists between the cell interior and the cell membrane B. The volume within the cell C. The surface exposed to the solvent and available for exchanges Answer: C. Q6. Live samples may be observed by electron microscopy True False Answer: False Q7. The plasma membrane of photosynthetic bacteria may fold inside the cell in order to increase the surface area for photosynthesis True False Answer: True...
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