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QUIZ 02-26 key Q1. The bilayer arrangement of lipids in membranes is the result of A. The amphipathic property of lipids B. The hydrophobicity and “shape” of lipids A. The amphipathic property and “shape” of lipids Answer: C. Q2. The phospholipid bilayer that makes up biological membrane is A. Flexible and self-sealing B. impermeable C. flexible and permeable Answer: A. Q3. Different cells may recognize each other via specific glycsyl motifs on their surfaces True False Answer: True Q4. The structure and composition of phospholipids in biological membranes is the same regardless of the environmental conditions or the type of cells considered True
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Unformatted text preview: False Answer: False. Q5. Osmosis describes the movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane as a result of a difference in solutes concentration True False Answer: True Q6. An intact bacterial cell, placed in an hypotonic solution will burst True False Answer: False (hint: because of the presence of the cell wall outside of the plasma membrane- same applies to a plant cell) Q7. An animal cell placed in a hypertonic solution will: A. swell and may burst because water enters the cell by osmosis B. shrink because it looses water that leaves the cell by osmosis C. shrink because it looses water that leaves the cell by plasmolysis...
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