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Exam 1 KEY - Biology 140 Spring 2008 EXAM 1(62 questions...

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1 Biology 140, Spring 2008 Name: ________KEY_________ EXAM 1 (62 questions) Record your answers on the scantron form provided (use a #2 pencil). 1. In the binomial system of nomenclature, the first part of an organism’s name designates the : A. species epithet B. genus C. class D. kingdom E. Phylum 2. The basic structural and physiological unit of all living organisms is the: 3. Scientists group species on an evolutionary tree based on: 4. The cell theory states that all living organisms: 5. Differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells include: A. a plasma membrane. B. organelles enclosed by membranes. C. a nucleus enclosed by a membrane. D. Both A and B. E. Both B and C. 6. Bacteria and Archaea represent a single kingdom of prokaryotes A. True B. False 7. Organisms can be assigned to three domains and six kingdoms: A. True B. False 8. Which of the following is the most basic level of chemical organization? * A. cell B. molecule C. atom D. tissue E. organism
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2 9. Which of the following is not a macromolecule? A. RNA B. DNA C. starch D. protein E. salt 10. Put the following units of mass in order of decreasing size 11. One gram and one milligram differ from one another by a factor of 12. The hydrogen ion concentration differs between a solution of pH 6 and pH 8 by a factor of 13. Distilled water has a pH of 7. What is the hydrogen ion concentration of distilled water? A. 10 7 moles per liter B. log of 10 7 moles per liter C. 10 -7 moles per liter D. 6.02 x 10 23 moles per liter E. pH is not a measure of hydrogen ion concentration 14. Water has a high specific heat because
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