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Spring 07 Chemistry 20L Report Guideline for Experiment #2 – Solutions, Concentrations and Beer’s Law Pre-lab Reports are always due at the beginning of the lab section. Refer to the laboratory syllabus for the due date for both the pre-lab and post-lab report. Both pre-lab and post-lab reports must be written in your lab notebook . The procedure for this experiment is provided as a handout in your lab session (Do NOT use the one in the manual). I. On-line Technique Videos & Resources For This Experiment Click on the title below to download the technique videos ( Real Player required): (1) Laboratory Safety (this video was shown on the first day of the lab) (2) Solution Preparation (3) Spectrophotometric Analysis If you have trouble downloading the videos, go to the following Web site and click on the appropriate title to download the video: Additional resources for lab preparation and lab reports: (1) Guides for Writing Lab Reports (2) Chemical Hazard Symbols (3) Beer’s Law Tutorial (4) Online resource on solution concentrations (5) Another online resource on solution concentrations II. Pre-lab Report Guideline You must show up on time to your lab section with the proper safety attire. Students without proper laboratory safety protection will be dismissed from the laboratory. Any pre-lab reports that are not turned in within the first ten minutes of the lab section will not be accepted for grading. Your pre-lab report must include: (i) Heading: This includes the title of the experiment and date. (ii) Reference: Complete information of the references used for the experiment including title of the lab manual, author, edition and page number of the experiment in the manual, etc. (iii) Short Introduction: Summarize in a few sentences the background and the goal of the experiment. Outline the kinds of techniques that you will use in the experiment. (iv) Procedure: The procedure in flowchart format. Include any changes to the procedure that you know you will make.
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Spring 07 Chemistry 20L (v) Pre-lab Assignment Questions ( show ALL work to receive full credit) Complete only # 1, 2, 4, 5 & 6 on page 4 of the handout *For question 2, when making a dilution, you are to use only one of the pipets and one of the volumetric flasks. You can then make a variety of concentrations from the
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beerguide - Spring 07 Chemistry 20L Report Guideline for...

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