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Spring 2007 Chemistry 20L Tutorial on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) The MSDS database contains information on many chemicals that are routinely used in chemistry laboratories. The MSDS database is available on the Internet. Accessing the Internet Computer labs in Young Hall are located in 1054, 4335 or 4336. Login is required for using the computers. The login name is the same as your UCLA login ID. The login password is your student ID. If you have trouble logging on to the computer, ask the staff in the computer lab for assistance. The UCLA proxy server, , is required for off campus access. Accessing MSDS websites Once you have successfully logged on to the computer, 1. double click on the " Netscape " or " Internet Explorer " icon. 2. Type in the Web address . 3. Click on " DB " (located on the menu bar. DB” stands for database). A search engine will come up on your screen. The search engine is linked to many different MSDS sites in universities and chemical
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