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Lec04-SiliconRun1Qs - Answs

Lec04-SiliconRun1Qs - Answs - Silicon Run I Questions 1...

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Silicon Run I Questions 1. Instead of fiberglass, what is the base material used to make IC’s? Si 2. Silicon is a common element found in ___________. sand 3. How many electrons are in the silicon atom’s outer shell? 4 4. Adding dopants does what to conductivity? Increases it 5. How many types of dopants are there? 2 (N and P types) 6. How long does it take to grow the single crystal? 48 hours 7. What is a wafer? A slice of Si ingot, crystal growth or boule 8. Is a wafer design separated into functional blocks similar to a circuit board? True /False 9. CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) turns a P channel transistor ‘ON’ when the N channel transistor is turned ‘OFF’. True /False 10. Patterns on chrome plated glass plates are etched by an Electron Beam. True /False 11. The chrome on glass becomes a mask to expose photoresist, similar to a photo-tool in lab. True /False 12. How many masks are typically used to for an IC? Between 12 and 25
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