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SiliconRun2 Answers

SiliconRun2 Answers - Silicon Run II Questions 1 Logic...

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Silicon Run II Questions 1. Logic circuits, such as AND, OR and NOT gates, consist of integrated circuits using __________ as switches. transistors 2. Logic gates are the “building blocks” of integrated circuits. True /False 3. After the silicon wafer circuits are fabricated, they’re ____________ ____________and ____________. Electrically tested, packaged 4. How is a silicon wafer circuit tested? Metal probes connected to silicon wafer pads and apply current to IC circuit. 5. How is a failed silicon wafer circuit marked? Black dot 6. What is a die? A single IC circuit 7. How are dies separated from a silicon wafer? Cut with a diamond saw while being cleansed with soapy water. 8. What IC assembly technology is used to connect the silicon integrated circuit to the package pins? Wire bonding 9. The silicon integrated circuits are encapsulated in ________________. Hard plastic 10. After encapsulation, the leads are _____________ with _____________. Plated, solder 11. Before burn-in, packaged ICs are _____________ _____________. Electrically tested 12. What is meant by burn-in? ICs are stressed at high temperature & high applied power.
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