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Q: Where are the AC and Gnd symbols? A: These are located on the right-hand tool bar and are marked PWR and GND respectively. They are both the same type of symbol (they both serve the same purpose as explained below) and come in many shapes. In the default OrCad symbol library, the round symbol is called VCC_Circle and the symbol with the three distinct lines is called GND. Note that the default net name is the symbol name, e.g. VCC_Circle. You will need to change the name to the desired name, e.g. AC. There is another symbol library on the L: drive called IME_POWER. This library has symbols already re-named for you. It is also the only library that has the gnd symbol with the vertical line in it, but the use of this symbol has been abandoned. Use the standard gnd symbol. This library can be accessed through the same icons by selecting Add Library. These symbols serve the purpose of assigning a name to a net. All nets with the same name will be electrically tied together even though there is no wire connecting them. In a complex circuit there may be
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