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Q: Why can’t I move components from the left side of the screen into the area of my board? A: If there is a dotted white rectangle on the screen, then Auto DRC is on. Auto DRC will not allow the placement of parts outside the Auto DRC area represented by the dotted white rectangle. Turn off the Auto DRC by clicking the icon marked DRC. Note the underscore. It is not the DRCÖ Q: Why are there extra or missing connections shown by rat’s-nest lines (straight yellow lines) that don’t agree with the schematic? A: The rat’s nest lines always agree with the schematic. Re-check the schematic. Often there is a superfluous or missing connection dot. Note also that any net that has been given a name, either by attaching a net label or a power or ground object, will be connected to every other net with the same name, even if there is no line connecting the nets. Q:
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Unformatted text preview: Why did a rat’s nest line re-appear after I seem to have successfully made a trace connection? A: According to Larry Rinzel, “The OrCAD God is angry.” This is apparently a bug in OrCAD. It is not necessary to fix this, but it can be fixed as follows: Re-run the netlist, but put a check in the box that says “run ECO to layout”. After you do this, a window will open in layout asking if you want to import the changes. Click OK. Note that this will cause the null parts to re-appear, and your mounting holes to disappear. Q: In the exercise, I put in a via and later ran “cleanup”. Cleanup removed my via. What should I do? A: We are no longer using cleanup, so the problem is mute. Note also that, after experimenting with top-side traces and vias, they must all be removed anyway. The exercise as handed in is 1-sided (bottom) only!...
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