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2/11/2008 1 ENGR213/BRAE213 Biology for Engineers Lecture 1 ENG213 / BRAE213Biology for Engineers Instructor: Dr. David Clague Assistant Professor BioMedical and General Engineering Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 756-4145 dclague@calpoly.edu Office Hours: T 2-3; WRF 11-noon ENG213 / BRAE213Biology for Engineers Text: “Essentials of Biology” by Sylvia Mader Grading: Weekly Quizzes 40 % Mid-Term 30 % Final 30 % Grading Policies: Arrangements for taking the Mid-term and Final at times that differs from that above will only be granted for extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances include: Major medical, which accounts for self and immediate family, University mandated events, Events that effect the entire University, e.g, Natural Disasters, or At the discretion of the Instructor. ENG213 / BRAE213Biology for Engineers
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2/11/2008 2 The Goals of this Course • Goals – Equip you with a working knowledge of common Biology and Biotechnology that you are likely to encounter in the workplace – Provide seeds to help you see how you might make a contribution to future Biotechnology, i.e. , the interface between Biology and Engineering organ tissue cell-cell cell Sub-cellular Gene- expression Module that Serves a key Function for The overall
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ENGR213_Lec1 - 2/11/2008 ENG213 / BRAE213Biology for...

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