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Andrew Sobler Intro to Business 5 th September 2007 Chapter 2 Questions 1. The major ethical issues presented in this case is the illegal dumping of toxic waste and other chemicals into the ocean by cruise line companies, and their carelessness in doing so. 2. Other factors besides personal greed that could lead cruise line companies to doing this is that they have nowhere else to put it. They certainly seem to not be caring that they are doing it. They can’t really keep it, because that much waste is going to smell really bad, and could also potentially slow the ship down. 3. They seem to be taking a very liberal approach to it, and what I mean by that is
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Unformatted text preview: they just seem to not care. They certainly didn’t care about the environment they were dumping the waste into, like how it was going to affect it and everything. 4. Social responsibility means the attempt of a business to balance its commitments to different groups and individuals. Ethics are the beliefs about what is right and wrong, or what is good and bad. In this case, it was obviously a combination of the bad of both, them not following proper ethics and also their carelessness and ignorance in doing so....
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