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Andrew Sobler Intro to Business 1 st November 2007 1. One of the main ones would probably be the increase in demand for better technology, and it being more personal at that. Another one would probably be just everything else coming up to par and improving, so that would mean technology would have to do that too. 2. Well I’d probably do some surveys first. That way you can tell what consumers are really looking for, and in the process identify the main age, gender groups that would be buying my product according to those people who are mainly going to buy my product.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. One of the main factors probably why Dell has been so successful in its crossover into consumer electronics is because management has thought about the whole spectrum of the potential successes and downfalls that could go along with entering that field. 4. One of the primary benefits in Dell’s consumer electronics offerings is the customization factor like in their PCs and laptop computers. Consumers have the option of what they specifically want in their products, which is done through a custom order system. 5. ???????????????...
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