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Andrew Sobler Civil War and Reconstruction Ch. 4 Reaction 5 th September 2007 Chapter 4 was basically about how the U.S. annexed Texas, also about the Compromise of 1850. Basically what happened was that Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1837, thus becoming an independent nation, and had wanted to become apart of the United States. Politicians in Washington were all split about this. The president at the time, Martin Van Buren, decided that he would deny the request for annexation, because he feared that it would lead to war with Mexico. In 1845, newly elected president James Polk, who supported any territorial expansion, quietly supported the annexation of Texas, and Congress finally approved it February 28 th of that year. The Compromise of 1850 was basically a series of laws designed to try and deal with the
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Unformatted text preview: territorial and slavery controversies coming from the Mexican-American War. One of the main features of this was a fugitive slave act passed also in 1850, which made any federal marshal who didn’t arrest runaway slaves liable for a fine up to a thousand dollars. It is also seen as a probable driving force which eventually led to the Civil War. I think that the annexation of Texas was probably done too soon, that we should’ve waited until after the Civil War to do it. Basically all it did was add more fuel to the fire for the South, giving them that much more men to fight for the Confederacy, also giving them that many more resources to use if necessary....
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