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Andrew Sobler Intro to Business 6 th November 2007 Ch. 12 Questions 1. He focused on celebrities who could afford the high price of the throwback jerseys. He’d go to their parties in the big cities like New York and Philadelphia, and show the jerseys off there, and that’s how they became such an instant success. 2. It’s probably just a case of that they weren’t marketing to the right people. It said sales in 2000 amounted to only $2.8 million, to $25 million in 2002, then up to $40 million in 2003. That’s probably due to the new strategies implemented by Reuben Harley, and having the right connections to do that, and also the marketability of the jerseys. 3. Well the whole fad started with celebrities when Harley introduced them to the product, celebrities bought them, and the whole advertising part of that would really be
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Unformatted text preview: when those celebrities were seen on television by a more vast market, wearing the jerseys, essentially showing them off. 4. I’d say they could most effectively reach their target market through retailing. Because it’s a clothing product, it would probably sell most effectively through that channel. 5. It’s important and effective especially for this product because it would be important to know specifically what potential clients are going to be wanting in the jersey they would buy, for example what old teams, what legendary players, and if Mitchell & Ness doesn’t have that player, maybe they could custom design that for the client, of course then it would have to be sold at a higher price than normal....
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