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Andrew Sobler Intercultural Communication Logic of Chapter 6 1. Compare and contrast sex roles across cultures. The difference between genders is universally recognized, but their different roles in every culture. 2. For example, in the United States women do not get paid as much as men do in the same job positions. In other cultures for example such as some of those in the Middle East, women are forced to wear garbs over their entire bodies. 3. a) The main purpose of the chapter is for us to realize the different roles of
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Unformatted text preview: different people in different groups. b) This is a culture’s organization of roles into a hierarchal vertical status structure. 4. a) As with every chapter in this book, the authors feel the subject matter is important, for us to realize how many differences there are in groups. b) They’re counting on us to know that each culture is different but not know the different roles in different groups....
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