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Analysis project - EMUS 3822 11/12/07 Analysis Project For...

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EMUS 3822 11/12/07 Analysis Project For this project I have chosen the album Graduation by Kanye West. It is his newest album and it was released in September of this year. There are many tracks on it and these tracks have helped Kanye become one of the best selling rappers. I like many kinds of music and I find myself hating very few genres. Like most Americans I like songs that are catchy and most artist realize this and try to profit from this. Kanye West is particularly good at this because almost all of his songs are catchy and they become singles on the radio. For this reason I have chosen Kanye West and his Graduation CD to analyze. I believe that the songs on this album are grouped together for a specific reason. To me the reason for this grouping is stated in the name of the CD, Graduation . I think that Kanye is trying to make graduation a metaphor for success and he uses his song choice to do so. This success metaphor is what seems to be the common theme running through the album. Each song represents some triumph, whether we think it’s good or morally bad. The order of the songs represent the unifying theme and reason for the grouping too. The first songs are more lighthearted and present the idea of success through working for it and stumbling upon it, demonstrated in Kanye’s song “Champion”. The later songs seem to express a cockiness as he expects success and does not want to work for it or take any ones input, which is exemplified in Kanye’s song “Can’t Tell me Nothing.” The third section of the CD represents success in a looking
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back point of view. Kanye’s songs become more passive and he starts telling past stories
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Analysis project - EMUS 3822 11/12/07 Analysis Project For...

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